Alalama Valentine Chukwuemeka

Alalama Valentine Chukwuemeka

Independent Researcher

St. Augustine Major Seminary Jos Plateau State.


I am a Seminarian of the Archdiocese of Abuja, currently undergoing my theological studies at St. Augustine’s Major Seminary Jos. A passionate scholar of Igwebuike Philosophy, which prompted me to write my first theses in that regards. As a person I greatly subscribe to the view that there is a greater power in a larger number and the spirit of complementarity is one that I earnestly preach, this is exemplified in Igwebuike philosophy. I greatly cherish the African Spirit of togetherness and oneness, I hold the point that as a unit one and all can resolve all kinds of crises that may arise amongst the human family, this idea is greatly expatriated in my work; Igwebuike as an African Philosophy for Peace and Conflict Resolution. I greatly appreciate the contributions and support of the founder of the Igwebuike School of thought: Fr. Prof. Kanu OSA, for his contributions and inspirations, It is indeed under his tutelage that I learned to properly appreciate African Philosophy.

Paper(s) Published on Igwebuike

  1. Igwebuike as an African Philosophy for Peace and Conflict Resolution

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