Ugwu Hilary Ike

Ugwu Hilary Ike

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Igwebuike Research Institute


Hilary is a mental health clinician resident in the USA. He obtained a bachelor's degree from Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy, and a master's degree in direct practice social work from the University of Oklahoma, USA. Hilary is an independent researcher with ardent interest in ancient history, the impact of science human society, the future of technology, spirituality, human evolution, global systems and structures of oppression.

Paper(s) Published on Igwebuike

  1. 1. Unifying Ancient Cosmologies in order to understand Light Frequencies and Evolution of Consciousness. 2. Covert Military Operations, Bioengineering and the Weaponization of Viruses. 3. The African Identify of Biblical Moses: An Igwebuike Discourse. 4. Trans-Biology and Biospheric Modification.

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