Theophilus Malachy Udochukwu

Theophilus Malachy Udochukwu

Ethics Coordinator

Dignity Health


Malachy Theophilus, PhD, is a Catholic Priest of the Order of Saint Augustine, Province of Nigeria. As a Scholar of the Christian and Hebrew Bible, he@ focusses on how to use the Sacred Text to bridge the dichotomy that separates "Us" from "Them;" believing that the Holy One cannot be monopolized by any religious group.

Paper(s) Published on Igwebuike

  1. "When the Earth Receives the Blood of "A Brother": Reading the Story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-10) in the Light of Eco-Spirituality."
  2. "The Virtuous Ninevites: Echoes of Igwebuike Theology in the Narrative Analysis of Jonah 3:1-10."
  3. "A Narrative Analysis of Jonah/Sailors Ironies in Jonah 1:1-16: An Igwebuike Perspective."
  4. Thirdspacing the Exile in Ezekiel's Theology of Divine Presence and its Implications to the Abrahamic Religions: An Igwebuike Perspective."
  5. "The Role of Rehab in the Conquest Story of Joshua as a Manifestation of Igwebuike Theology: A Narrative Analysis of Joshua 2."

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