AJAP - AMAMIHE Journal of Applied Philosophy
Vol. 21 No. 1, 2023
Ucheoma C. OSUJI, Ph.D


We have meaningful and complex relationships with food than we can think of. It is becoming clear that our food system involves immense problems which cannot be solved unless we change our thinking patterns. We need a practical approach and it is as part of such an approach that I would like to introduce philosophy of food to African studies. Philosophy in the contemporary world is aimed at exploring the various ways philosophy can be used to discuss issues of relevance to our society. From the perspective of history and philosophy of science, food is a fecund terrain of research because it raises basic questions concerning our lives (nutrition and health management), the validity of laws of nature (do we really know any law regarding metabolism?) commercialization and importation of food in Africa and the structure of scientific research (who finances the studies on the nutritional facts you find on the labels?). One of the objectives of this research is to shoot forth philosophical views concerning what is true, beautiful and good about food and discuss them on African philosophy of Food (an upcoming area in philosophy). From an epistemological standpoint; what makes something food: Nature? biology? politics? culture? Is there such a thing as natural food? How do food ideologies and knowledge originate? Is it objectively true to say that an ethnic food and specialty is better than another? Lastly, why Philosophy of Food matters in Nigeria and Africa? All these will form the fulcrum of this discussion.

Keywords: Philosophy, Food, Philosophy of Food, Human existence, Reason, Africa

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