AJAP - AMAMIHE Journal of Applied Philosophy
Vol. 21 No. 4, 2023
Chinnah Promise Chinwe, PhD


The development and underdevelopment of any society are anchored on the capability and credibility of leaders in that society, coupled with the availability of both natural and human resources. Leadership/ administrative role, both in modern and traditional settings, cannot be undermined because it is pivotal in the development or underdevelopment of any society. The political structure and other structures must be carried along and work harmoniously for the betterment of society. The role of traditional institutions in governance cannot be overemphasized in the African political system if properly harnessed and articulated. This study ex-rayed the political development and administration in Rivers State, the role of traditional rulers in the political development and African culture. The study collected data through secondary sources and adopted the dependency theory as its theoretical framework. It was discovered that traditional rulers were highly respected sequel to the attainment of political independence and lost their respect as the event progressed. The rationale behind such ugly development was also enumerated. The study discovered that the more progressive African culture and traditional institutions are devalued or destroyed, the more the society is plough and prone to more serious atrocities characterized by the pathetic excruciating nature of unemployment and underdevelopment. The relegation and denigration of positive African culture and theology are dent to the wheel of progress, peaceful coexistence and sustainable development in Africa. The denigration of African culture to Western imperialism has increased suffering and led to corruption, insecurity, lawlessness, and underdevelopment. Consequently, the paper made recommendations on how peace, progress and sustainable development can be achieved through cross-fertilization between modern and traditional institutions. Africans, sciences, theology, typology, culture, and values should be employed positively in solving our myriads of challenges. Reorientation and reinvigoration of core progressive African cultures and values, to mention but few, are suggested as a panacea for peace, development and progress in African nations.

Keywords: African, traditional institution, sustainable development

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