IAAJAH - IGWEBUIKE: An African Journal of Arts and Humanities
Vol. 9 No. 3, 2023
Ekenedilichukwu A. Okolo & Ngozi N. Iheanacho, PhD


Man is seen as a social animal that lives and interacts together in the society. This is why he always sees himself to thrive and achieve his purpose in the midst of others. In this process of live accomplishment, he tends to have interest and clash of interest over things and issues which have always led to conflicts within the society. It is a well acknowledged fact that conflict as part of human existence must always occur. It is neither positive nor negative but is dependent on how it is seen and handled. In this regards, it will not be wrong to posit that a lack in the ability to bring out the positive side of conflict has always presented it with the garb of destruction and chaos. Some individuals, governmental and non-governmental bodies have made their contributions in conflict resolution in Omoku but that of Omoku concerned clergy has not been conspicuous which gave rise to this work. This study will be done using a sociological method and will adopt the transformational peace building management theory as framework. The paper finds that there are conflicts in Omoku which occur between individuals within the society. It also observes that these conflicts are as a result of struggle over limited available resources or clash of interests. It finally observes that conflicts have continued to exist despite attempts made by several individuals in their contributions. The paper therefore concludes that conflicts are unavoidable in the society of which attempts should always be made to resolve it in order to have a peaceful environment. It therefore recommends that people should not be seeing conflict as the end of relationship but should always give way to its resolution with the attending positive effects. It also recommends that appropriate strategies should be implored at the perception of conflict in order to prevent it from escalating to crisis which is unhealthy to every society.

Keywords: Investigating, Role, Omoku Concerned Clergy, Conflict Resolution, Rivers State

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