IAAJAH - IGWEBUIKE: An African Journal of Arts and Humanities
Vol. 9 No. 4, 2023
ONYEMA, Matthias Chibuzo, Ph.D


Aspiring for Governance and Leadership position is natural with man. Someone who receives and adheres to instruction from another person many a time anticipates a day he will be in a seemingly position of dishing out instructions that should be obeyed by another. However, the way and manner many people pursue governance and leadership position leaves much to be examined.As a result, they employ different unneeded strategies to achieve their objectives. But then, getting to the office becomes a mere disappointment for lack of credibility as they exert every amount of incompetence in every area as leaders. This scenario has raised a lot of socio-political, economic and religious problems in our society. Hence, this paper therefore examines the making of a Governor and a Leader. It discusses the craving for governance and leadership positions and its negative tendencies in Africa, using Nigeria as a case study. Lessons and Impacts, as well as factors that make for a good leadership are highlighted. It is discovered that becoming a leader is different from providing good leadership. Individuals that desire to be in position of governance and leadership should know that leadership comes with responsibility which they should strive to fulfill. To be a good governor and leader, one must imbibe the virtues that such office demands. Such aspirants should therefore seek proper understanding of what governance and leadership mean before aspiring for it.

Keywords: Governance, Leadership, Lessons, and Impacts

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