IAAJAH - IGWEBUIKE: An African Journal of Arts and Humanities
Vol. 9 No. 4, 2023
Daniel Okpara Nwokuka


We must know that a complete re-figuration of cultural heritage in Christian terms today takes place with room for greater flexibility in vernacular Christology. Western Missionaries have accused Africans and Africa to have contributed nothing and have nothing to contribute to the development of Christology and Christianity in general, that Africa is a dark continent. It was obvious the European missionaries at that time reported unwittingly many derogatory remarks about African religion. This has brought disharmony between Western missionaries and African churches or theologians. African are now saying that the image of Jesus Christ so far imported from the West into Africa is grossly inadequate for the life and mission of the church in situations of poverty and injustice. A search has to begin for a Christology which will provide a basis for Christian action in contemporary society. This article determines the truth of African and Africa’s contribution to the development of Christology or Christianity in general. Against this background, the study employed the Library research method and reviewed critical literature on the subject. The objective of the study is to harmonize working relationships between the missionaries and the African clergy. Who at present grappling with one of its most trying times as the nations of Africa comes face to face with poverty? The study hinges on the assessment of critical literature, with objectives; finding among others shows that Africa and Africa contributed enormously to the development of Christology and then the study recommends that missionaries should explore the study of African culture very well before denouncing it and now the paper concludes that western missionaries should study Africans and for them to understand African own contribution to Christology and in general Christianity

Keywords: Africa, Christology

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