Prof. Ikechukwu Anthony KANU, O.S.A. (FCA-Edu., FIPAN, FSR, FIPMD, AFISMI, FIMC, CMC, FMERC)

You are welcome to the official website of Igwebuike Research Institute (IRI). This website was established to provide information about the history, structure and activities of the Institute, as well as a membership directory. The Institute has the mission of strengthening human capacity of Africans and promoting the continent’s development through higher education and skills training, convening activities, program implementation and management. Our primary model is that we identify capacity-building projects and coordinate the programmatic, financial administration and evaluation necessary to deliver high-impact results.

The Institute was, therefore, founded:

  1. to bring into being the next generation of African experts, be they academicians, policy makers or applied practitioners on the continent of Africa itself
  2. to develop, disseminate and to teach African languages
  3. to present to the public information that is clear, concise and contextualized about the social, political and economic dynamics of the African continent
  4. to work with local community organizations that have an African focus
  5. to create new knowledge through our support for research, our support for print publications, and our support for digital media presentations.

You are welcome to our website as you take your tour through its different pages.

Prof. Ikechukwu Anthony KANU, O.S.A.

Director, Igwebuike Research Institute

The Focus

United in Research for Positive Change

A Critique Of Hegel’s Concept Of Africa

This study focuses on a critique of Hegel’s erroneous conception of Africa, precisely black race of Africa. Africa is one of the continents and... FULL TEXT

Poverty in Nigeria: its effects on moral and spiritual life of the people

The study revealed that poverty had adverse effects on the health, moral, spiritual, political and cultural lives of many Nigerians. he objective of this ... FULL TEXT

The Irony Of Leadership, Observance Of Civic Values And Application Of Reciprocity In Nigeria

It is notable from several events in the country that key issues in Nigeria’s democracy ... FULL TEXT

Introduction of Chinese at University of Lagos: A Study of Students’ Attitudes towards Chinese

Language attitude is the feelings people have about their own language or the language of others... FULL TEXT



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Our Motto: "United in Research for Positive Change", summarizes the objectives of this great institution. IRI is an international organization that is registered (RC1621015) under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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