IAAJAH - IGWEBUIKE: An African Journal of Arts and Humanities
Vol. 9 No. 2, 2023
Ikechukwu Anthony KANU, PhD


African metaphysics is a branch of African philosophy that concerns itself with the fundamental nature, structure, and position of human beings in the totality of being from an African perspective. The present inquiry focuses on a unique facet of African metaphysics, referred to as Igwebuike metaphysics, which is a concept that describes the underlying principle of metaphysics in African thought. Igwebuike is the factor that unifies the plurality of metaphysical perspectives in Africa, while also serving as the bedrock of African metaphysical expressions. This study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Igwebuike metaphysics in particular, and African metaphysics in general, through a methodical approach that utilizes a combination of hermeneutic, thematic, and analytic methods of inquiry. The research employs the Igwebuike theoretical framework as a means of articulating the underlying principles of Igwebuike metaphysics, and demonstrates how it contributes to the unique perspective of the African people on metaphysics. The research outcomes enrich the existing literature on African metaphysics, and confirm that the African people possess a distinct metaphysical perspective that complements and adds to the global discourse on metaphysics. Ultimately, this study highlights the importance of African metaphysics as a field that has been understudied and undervalued, and the need for further research to advance our understanding of African philosophy as a whole.

Keywords: Igwebuike, Metaphysics, African Philosophy, Complementarity

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