IAAJAH - IGWEBUIKE: An African Journal of Arts and Humanities
Vol. 9 No. 2, 2023
OVIE, Valentine Aghoghophia


The possibility of created incorporeal substances endowed with enormous knowledge and strengthened will with the natural seed of grace, not ladened with sensible passions, and not tempted by other devils since it was non-existent at the time falling into sin is baffling to the imagination. At first value, they should be able to choose good over evil owing to the fact they are equipped with all they require to pursue the object of their will. If a major number of the angels accomplished the ultimate object of their will, what explains the success of most of the angels over the unsuccessful angels? The angelic willís nature should be an area of interest for exploration to underline its characteristics and whether there are differences between the angelic will and that of humans. God is love and His mercy endures for an eternity, is His mercy available to all His creatures including the apostate spiritual substances? These are some of the considerations that Aquinas answers in this article

Keywords: God, Angels, Angelic Will, Love, Good, Beatific Vision, Aquinas

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